The new Thor 303 is available

The new thor 3030 is availableThe new Thor 303 is available

Polini launched the new Thor 303 that will replace the Thor 250.

An innovative engine with important novelties that result into reliability, power. Reduced weights, reduced aerodynamic section and moderated depth.

This is the engine of the Thor family with the biggest displacement with cylinder, crankshaft, carburetor, air box, CDI and exhaust system completely redesigned to grant better performance and flight safety. With 38hp at 8000 rpm, Thor 303 offers 120 kg of static thrust with a propeller of 160cm* The consumption is only of 3 liters per hour at 4500 rpm, that corresponds to 30 kg of static thrust, medium range at level flight.

Thor 303 is available in 3 versions:
  • Thor 303 with Manual “Flash starter”
  • Thor 303 with electric starter+ Manual “Flash starter”
  • Thor 303 Dual Spark

Considering the power of the Thor 303 engine, it finds its highest expression when installed install it on single or be-place trike, delta trike, 3-axle or U.A.V (unnamed aerial vehicle). The installation on single-seat paramotor is recommend to expert pilots only and for slalom competitions.

Polini Engine2 stroke monocylinder
CoolingLiquid cooled
Bore for stroke76 x 62
Displacement281 cm3
Power38 HP at 8000 rpm
*Max trust120 Kg with Ø 160 cm propeller
R.P.M. max8.400
CylinderAluminum with Gilnisil coating
Compression ratio11,2:1
PistonTwo trapezoidal chromium plated rings
IntakeReed valve in the crankcase
CarburetorDell’Orto VHST 28mm
Air filterAir box
IgnitionElectronic CDI with adj. advance
Battery charger prearrangementOutput power 40 W at 5500 RPM
Spark plug hood5k Ω resistance
**Fuel typeE5 petrol or LL AV GAS-al with 2,5% synthetic oil 100%
*Consumption3 Lh 30 Kg a of static trust
Gear reduction unitHelicoidal teeth in oil bath with 2,8 or 3,2 reduction ratio
StarterFlash Starter – (Electric starter -optional)
ClutchCentrifugal in oil bath
MufflerExpansion with aluminum silencer
Engine weightStarting from Kg 20,5 (manual starter model +radiator)
Propeller rotationClockwise