Ramon Morillas

Ramon Morillas is a paramotor legend and always looks for the limits. He has been 4 times world champion and has broken numerous records such as the distance in 2007 flying 1105 kilometers and the height in 2009 flying at 7808 meters.

His career has been recognized with the Bronze Medal of Sports Merit (CSD) and the Aeronautical Merit Cross with a white badge (Air Force).

Currently Ramon has not lost the illusion of flying, he continues to put pressure on young pilots in the championships and traveling with his paramotor around the world.

“I started flying with paramotor in 1994 from the beginning I flew with PAP and today I still use their equipment.

Being part of Team PAP for me is like being part of a family, if I take into account that I was one of the first pilots of the team and having dedicated myself to adventures, distance and altitude record, and countless competitions I can say that my sports career was driven and assisted by this great team. Today we are several riders in the Team all with a very good level and above all good friends, surely the future will bring us good experiences.

Thanks PAP ”