Nicolas Aubert

Nicolas Aubert started flying when he was only 10 years old and since then he knew that he wanted to dedicate himself to it all his life.

It is one of the big young promises of paramotor. He is part of the French paramotor team and in 2018 he was proclaimed vice world paramotor champion with only 21 years

He has traveled around the world with his paramotor, flying in the most remote places of our planet. Nico’s objectives are to continue traveling with his paramotor and proclaim himself world champion of paramotor.

“As heir of the PAP company and competition pilot, it is an honor to be able to fly with the best paramotors on the market. I am always looking for what can be improved in the frames and thanks to the incredible riders that I have by my side we managed to achieve a very good compromise of weight, comfort and safety.

My current dream is to take PAP to the top both in competition and in the world of paramotor and to be recognized for life “