Horacio Llorens

Horacio Llorens is one of the best paragliding acrobatics pilots in the world, currently having been proclaimed 6 times world champion.

Apart from acrobatics, he loves to travel with his flying equipment and fly over the most remote places on earth.

Horacio started in the paramotor to seek the limits of acro in paramotor and explore places on the planet that he could not access with his paraglider.

“For me, being part of the PAP team means knowing that I am with the elite of the frames / paramotors worldwide and that any need can be worked as a team to improve the flight experience even more. The most important projects I have ahead of me are in Paramotor and being able to share a team with riders like Ramon Morillas, Nico Aubert, Raul Rodriguez among others is a luxury.

I can’t wait to see how far we can go together to make high-quality synchronized flight displays”