Raul Rodriguez

Raul Rodriguez is the father and legend of paragliding, having invented maneuvers like the SAT, Inifnity Tumbling and many more.

He has an unbeatable record, obtaining 5 GOLD and 3 SILVER Medals in WORLDWIDE, 24 podiums in ACRO WORLD Cups and 9 times champion of the ACRO WORLD CUP circuit.

Raul will use the paramotor to discover synchro maneuvers and be able to train acro when the conditions do not allow it in paragliding.

“Being part of the PAP team will give me the opportunity to develop the part of the flight that I miss, which is the paramotor, and being able to take part with great pilots such as Ramon Morillas, Nicolas Aubert and Horacio Llorens will give me the opportunity to innovate in synchro maneuvers. Throughout my life I have flown in a paramotor but I have never focused on finding the potential it has for me as a stunt pilot.

All the pilots have always told me and my cousin Horacio, that you have the best paramotor for all types of flight, both for Cross Country flights and for Acro”