On September 17, 2021, our pilot Ramon Morillas, has managed to break 3 height records in one flight, in Cenes de la Vega – Granada in the PL1 category, taking off in a single-seater trike.

The records that he managed to beat were:

  • World record for altitude of 7027m above sea level
  • World record of time to climb to 3000m in 25 minutes
  • World record of time to climb to 6000m in 52 minutes

During this flight Ramon was flying with a stainless steel TINOX 1500 mounted with a Vittorazi Cosmos 300 and his Mini Rolling giving him the best weight – power – comfort compromise to reach a certain altitude.

Ramón’s first impressions were:

“The flight has been wonderful but also quite intense, by climbing so fast you put your physique and your stamina to the test both due to the cold and the lack of oxygen. The wear is comparable to the mark achieved. I want to thank all my sponsors and the people who support me in each adventure in which I participate “.

From the PAP team we want to congratulate you on these achievements and we do not doubt that they will not be the last