PARAMOTOR KIT (Everything less the engine and the propeller)

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2,820.00 + IVA


In the paramotor kit, we include everything you need so that you can change the engine of your old frame (whether it is a PAP brand or any other) to the TINOX, or directly mount an engine that you have purchased.


1x PAP Harness
1x PAP EVO Arms
4x Shackles
2x Carabiners (Zicral)
1x Anti torque strap
1x Throttle
1x Fuel tank + Fuel lines 
1x Complete frame with engine support plate
1x Engine bolts & Spacer
1x Pull start Push-pin + pulley
1x Propeller covers
1x Cage bag
1x Moster dual Battery (Only included with Moster Dual option)

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