Nicolas Aubert, among the top five in the Paramotor World Championship.

The exciting Slalom Paramotor World Championship took place in Bornos, Spain, last June. In this internationally renowned event, 38 pilots from six different countries competed for the coveted title. The level of competition was exceptionally high, with the top ten pilots separated by just one second.

Despite the adverse weather conditions that accompanied the competition, a total of five tests were carried out. Throughout the championship, our outstanding pilot, Nico Aubert, showcased his skill and ability by consistently ranking among the top three until the last day of competition.

Nico flew with a TINOX1500 during the championship, allowing him to mount a 140 cm propeller and make the most of its power, especially when flying with 13-meter paragliders. His strategic choice of equipment and keen intuition helped him stay at the top of the competition.

Now, his sights are set on his next challenge: the World Championship in Qatar. His goal is to reach the highest spot on the podium and make history in this elite competition.