Nico Aubert Cross Spain from North to South

On November 17th, our pilot Nico Aubert accomplished an extraordinary feat, soaring across Spain from its northernmost point to the southernmost with his paramotor. For this epic journey, he piloted the TINOX V2 1400 equipped with a Moster Plus MY22 engine.

Nico embarked on this adventure with complete autonomy, devoid of any external support. He touched down at gas stations, spent nights nestled in the mountains under the vast expanse of stars, and covered a staggering distance of over 1000 km in just three and a half days, accumulating a total airtime of 19 hours.

Sharing his experience, Nico enthused, “Throughout this journey, I felt as comfortable as I do on my living room couch, flying with my TINOX V2. I’m more accustomed to being a Slalom and aerobatics pilot, so flying for such an extended duration on a cross-country trip was a new experience for me. Thanks to the TINOX, I was in complete comfort. Despite carrying equipment weighing over 40 kg, the ergonomics of the seat made walking and take-offs on the ground remarkably comfortable. Now, I’m eager to continue exploring countries and relishing the view from the sky.”

PAP extends our heartfelt congratulations to Nico on this remarkable achievement, and we eagerly anticipate more adventures as he continues to explore new horizons.